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Nail Services


Sparkle Manicure$18

Spa Manicure$33

French Manicure$23

Gel Color Manicure/ French$40 - $45

Polish Change Manicure/ French$12 - $17

Gel Polish Change$32

Gel Polish French Change $33


Sparkle Pedicure$35

French Manicure$42

Gel Color Pedicure/ French$55 - $62

Polish Change Pedicure/ French$16 - $23

Gel Polish Change Pedicure/ French$32 - $33

logoCombo Special

Manicure & Pedicure$49

Gel Manicure & Pedicure$71

Combo Gel$91

Combo Gel French$103

Acrylic Full Set & Pedicure$72

Acrylic Fill-in & Pedicure$62

logoSpa Pedicure

Lavender Mint$60

Rejuvenate your tired feet by soaking in an aromatherapy foot bath infused with lavender essential oils. Aroma from the lavender exfoliate will help reduce stress but also leaving the feet soft and glowing. After applying mask and a foot cream is massaged throughout your legs, warm towels are then applied.

Green Tea Spa$60

Green tea is packed with antioxidant that helps promote anti-aging properties. Having aromas that relax the mind with the help of sea slat mixed with green tea oils, this exfoliating treatment will get rid of dead skin leaving the skin with natural glow. After scrub and mask, a long massage infused with green tea will help aching muscles.

Milk and Honey$60

While you soak your feet in milk bath and indulge in a rich honey polish scrub that exfoliates and moisturizes your skin, the milk and honey soothe and replenish essential nutrients that give your skin a healthy glow and leave your skin blushing.

Lemon Lime$55

Lemon is an aromatic and antiseptic agent used to help relief muscle ache. Warm lemon line citrus salts help to exfoliate and rejuvenate your tired legs, leaving fresh bright skin. Followed by a warm lemon mask to lock in every bit of moisture, ending with a massage and warm towels.

Detox Tropical$65

A unique spa treatment, using detox volcano crystals and activators combined to create an invigorating and detoxifying experience. Followed with a complete pedicure treatment with exfoliation sugar scrub, collagen mask and lotion to leave your skin soft and smooth.

Hot Stone$70

After any of the spa pedicure of your choice (except Deluxe Pedi) heated basalt stones combined with essential oils to encourage relaxation in your legs and feet.

Deluxe Pedicure$70

Choose from one of the above-specialized spa pedicures, adding to an already relaxed and perfect pedicure, the finest hot paraffin treatment "dip" or "bath" which is a soothing treatment to help with aching joints and improve circulation. The combination of oil and wax softens rough skin.

logoFoot Massage

10 Minutes$15 / $20 (without Pedicure)

20 Minutes$25 / $35 (without Pedicure)

30 Minutes$35 / $45 (without Pedicure)

logoNail Extension

SNS Manicure/ French$55 - $65

Acrylic Full Set/ With Gel$39 - $55

Acrylic Fill-In/ With Gel$28 - $44

French ACrylic Full Set$60

Pink & White Full Set$55

Pink & White Fill-In$50

Pink Acrylic Fill-In$38

Ombre' Full Set$70

Ombre' Fill-In$60

Diamond Nails Full Set/ Fill-In$50 - $35

Sculpture Nails$60

Silk Wrap Full Set$50

Silk Wrap Fill-in$35

Liquid Gel Full Set/ With Gel$60 - $70

Liquid Gel Fill-In/ With Gel$50 - $60

logoExtra Service

Gel Take Off/ SNS$2 - $5

Gel Polish/ SNS Take Off Only$10

Full Set Take Off Only$13

Paraffin For Hand/ Feet$10 - $12

Buff Add-On$5

Chrome Add-On$15

Collagen Gloves$6

French Add-On$5 - $7

Ombre' Add-On$15


Repair$4 & Up

Gel Color Add-On$20

logoChildren (12 & Under)

Manicure Kid's$10 - $11

Pedicure Kid's$17 - $24

Combo Kid's$25 - $34

Polish Change Hand$5 - $7

Polish Change Feet$8 - $10




Combo Eyebrows & Lip$23




Complete Face$40

Under Arm$17

Half Arms and Hands$25 - $30

Full Arms and Hands$37 - $42

Half Leg$32 - $37

Full Leg$47 - $52

Bikini Line$30 - $35

Brazilian Bikini$45 - $50

Half Leg & Bikini$52 - $57

Full Leg & Bikini$67 - $72

Back & Chest$45 - $50





logoEyelash Extension

Cluster Lashes$40

V Lashes$80

Individual Lashes$120

Individual Refill$65 & Up



Mon - Sat: 10AM - 8PM
Sun: 11:00AM - 6:00PM